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This is the summary of feast prep notes, not exactly what-happened-this-weekend.
The most important point to remember is that the feast was underattended -- 50 instead of 80-- probably mostly because of the storms this weekend.
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30. All in all, a successful high authenticity Spanish feast...
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Olives *
Lombardy sops (layered casserole of bread & cheese with broth) (bread, dairy, meat; vegetarian version available on request)
Sallat *

Fish with Orange Juice
Fried Millet Polenta (contains dairy; plain dairy free millet available) *
Cooked dish of Lentils *
Garlic Chicken
Limonada (raisin-lemon-almond pudding) (nuts) *
Parsley Dish (contains nuts, bread)*

Casserole of Pork
Rice cooked in the Oven (may contain eggs)*
Modern Pottage of Chard, served with parmesan on the side *
Moorish Eggplant (contains eggs, dairy) *
Fried figs *
Carrot-Cheese Pie (contains dairy) *

Food for Angels (Sweetened cheese with rosewater or orange flower water) *
Anise Biscotti (contains wheat) *
Peach Dish (contains meat broth)
Quince Paste *
Fruit *
Jordan Almonds *

* indicates vegetarian options. An additional meat dish may be added at the cook's discretion.
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Slowly, ah, slowly...

But the feast for Conviviencia (Labor Day weekend in Peach Bottom PA) is coming together.

- Lombardy sops (cheese and bread casserole)
- something sharp-tasting?

First course
Fried Millet polenta
Armored Capon?
Sauce(s) of some kind?
Greens dish?
Moorish Eggplant (eggplant, meet de Nola)
Lentil or chickpea dish (vaguely favoring chickpeas)?

Second course
Casserole of meat, made with pork
Mirrauste of apples?
Rice in the oven
Fish with bitter orange juice?
parsley dish?
Carrot-cheese pie

Candied stuff
Peach pie?
Quince paste
Anise Biscotti
Food for Angels (venetian version)
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I'm going to try this one (from Granado):

Para hazer escudilla de mijo, o de panizo machado -- To make a dish of millet, or of chopped panic-grass

Take the millet, or chopped panic-grass, clean it of dust, and of any other filth, washing it as one washes semolina, and put it in a vessel of earthenware or of tinned copper with meat broth, and cause it to cook with stuffed intestines in it, or a piece of salted pig�s neck, to give it flavor, and when it shall be cooked, mingle with it grated cheese, and beaten eggs, pepper, cinnamon, and saffron. (You can also cook the said grains with the milk of goats or cows.) And after they shall be cooked with broth, letting them thicken well, they shall be removed from the vessel and shall be left to cool upon a table, or other vessel of wood, or of earthenware, and being quite cold, they shall be cut into slices, and shall be fried with cow�s butter in the frying-pan, and serve them hot with sugar and cinnamon on top.

So, I'll need to:

  • Cook the millet with broth
  • Mix the hot millet with beaten eggs, cheese, pepper, cinnamon & saffron.
  • Cook a bit more, sufficient to make it thick.
  • Cool the millet
  • Cut into slices
  • Fry slices in butter.

I'll let you know how it goes.
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Mistress Brighid ni Chairain is a wonderful, wonderful woman.
We met at the Garlic Rose Bistro in Madison and had a dinner that couldn't be beat, then went and sat on a park bench and hammered out some suggestions for my feast menu. Here's my tentative thoughts, subject to confusion, indecision, and testing;

Lombardy Sops (Melted/cheese bread strata cooked with broth, like the top of a french onion soup-- I will probably make a vegetarian version separately)

Main courses:
- Eggplant Morisco out of de Nola
- Rice in the Oven
- grilled fish with orange juice (something out of de Nola)
- a stewed lamb dish, perhaps Adobado de Carnero (http://breadbaker.tripod.com/meat.html?)
- Roast pork
- Carrot-cheese pie http://gallowglass.org/jadwiga/SCA/cooking/LandsknechtBid.htm#carrotpie
- a lentil or chickpea dish (probably lentils, for the color balance)
- Jota, a cooked greens dish
- Millet Polenta (fried millet slices) or a blancmage of barley
- Armored capon (chicken with a parsley-egg crust)
- Limonada, a raisin-lemon-almond pudding, and/or a parsley pudding
- mirrauste of apples (apples with almond milk?)

Peach pie from granado
Candied orange peel
quince paste
anise biscuits
'food for angels'
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Ok, here's my first test cook: eggplant glop a la de Nola.
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