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For those interesting in 15th & 16th century things that go BOOM, the Imperial Academy of Gunnery is BACK in Eisental (this time with no Jedi), September 25-27 2009, Lehighton PA.

I'll be there teaching redacting for open fire cooking and Wildly Weedy Herbs.

They could use some more people to teach, and they always like to have lots of people to play with the guns and pikes. C'mon out!
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Forwarded by request:


The Shire of Eisental will be hosting the Tournament of St. Joseph this coming weekend. The day's combat will be in the form of a King Renee Tournament. True to this form, there will be no specific "winner", prizes/gifts will be bestowed upon the combatants at the whim of the Queen and any ladies present assisting her for any deeds that catch their eye. Please note that youth combat will take this form also.

Prizes at such a tournament were provided by patrons and artisans, while we've received some generous donations and found a number on our own, if any of our Kingdom's fine artisans should so wish to assume the role of patron for the tournament and provide or sponsor a "prize" it would enhance the event greatly. Cards will be available for any donations for listing the patron and any details of the item at check-in.

Our feast is being prepared by Baron Dietrich Schwelengraaber and we do have a few seats left, more information can be found at the following links:

http://www.eisental.eastkingdom.org/tsj/ for event information

http://www.wykagal.com/stjoseph for feast menu

Please feel free to pass this on to any lists you feel would be appropriate.

Thank you,

Ellesbeth Donofrey
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3 classes, to get back in the swing of things:
1- Herbal Sallets and Green Pottages
2- Historical Research in the Modern Library
3- Medieval Hygiene and Manners
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April 8, 2006, Shire of Eisental (Schnecksville, PA)

Artisans & Archery!
Once again, Eisental invites artisans to join us for an arts & sciences exhibition. Bring your A&S projects to display and discuss your work with others! (To reserve exhibition space please contact the autocrat, Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, at 610-559-9123, or jenne.heise@gmail.com).

How the exhibition works: there will be no formal judging. Artisans can reserve a table or a half-table worth of space. Bring your works, finished and in-progress, and set up a display and/or workspace (limited facilities for water and/or electricity, and unlimited outdoor space is available). Also, all attendees are urged to bring tokens to give to any artisans whose work impresses them.

There will be a group class/demo on preparing wool for spinning by Mistress Brid nic Shearlais and a demonstration of period-style falconry by Lady Brianna McBain. Other artisans are invited to schedule classes or group demos-- contact the autocrat.

There will also be a fundraiser raffle to benefit a public library in the area. Donations for raffling are earnestly solicited!

If you aren't feeling artsy, there will be great archery and thrown weapons. Space will be available for pickup fencing, heavy weapons, and youth combat. A children's corner with activities will be available. As usual, the dayboard will be Eisental-style, lavish and varied. (Contact the autocrat with any food questions.) Merchants will be accepted (no merchant fee); contact the autocrat to reserve space.
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