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This interesting and entertaining site is designed as a study aid for students of literature and American History. What I like about it is that it goes beyond the sort of cliffs'-notes treatment aims to address the sort of questions high school and sometimes college students have, like "What's up with the Title/Epigraph/Ending?" and "Why Should I care?" Hopefully this makes it more useful for advancing the student's reading and less for handing 'em the answers. I especially like that the literature section has a Sex Rating for each book; that there are famous quotes and 'brain snacks' to go with both topic areas. A great study aid/discussion starter.
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Zillow.com not only gives you estimated housing prices, it will often give you house/neighborhood frontage pictures even when Google Maps doesn't have them.

GreatSchools.net provides both parent ratings and their own ratings. Greatschools.net ratings are based entirely on standardized test scores.

http://education.state.nj.us/rc/ gives you 'New Jersey School Report Cards' which include avg pupil:teacher ratios and other statistical data, also text contributed by the school and district to the report, as well as the NCLB reports.
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The "Good Upbringing" of Ramon Llull's Blanquerna:
Appropriation and Misrecognition as Social Reproduction
Has some stuff about breastfeeding and childraising in it
The Dung File-- Part I, Mostly Human
Bibliography of analyses of human fecal deposits. Has some stuff about medieval latrines.

Further links from some other resources:
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Has anyone seen this before?

They have some nice pictures of cosmetic implements.
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Run do not walk to Tigers & Strawberries. They have an LJ feed if you would like: [livejournal.com profile] tigerberries. She's covering mostly making easy and authentic asian food right now:
which discusses what you need in your pantry to cook, simple authentic chinese food, and how to do it.

But she's also good on the local food and slow food movements, organic food, etc.

This article reviews a book on baby-suitable real ethnic foods:
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Living with the Romans, from the Liverpool Museum site:

Includes pictures of the building of a reproduction roundhouse, and info on local (Liverpudlian/Chester) finds.


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