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Hm... for those who have seen it, do you consider "Unshelved" a niche-only comic?
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What does this mean:
"S quis furetur, per collum pendetur, in hoc modo!"

From George F. Black's Bookplate:
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If you can stick it out to the end, this is a powerful call for change.

(And then we wonder what happens to these people in less liberal libraries, such as the Allentown Public.)
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Greetings! Apologies for duplication of this missive; please forward as

I'm asking for some help on a research project of mine which I hope
will benefit SCAdians, libraries, and library users alike. I'm gathering
data about how SCAdian and other historic re-creators use libraries and research
in their lives via this survey:

I hope to publish the results & share them with librarians as well as SCAdians. SCAdians and historic re-creators, as a group, are generally heavy book
and information users, so knowing more about our needs may help
libraries provide better services. I think we will find the results
fascinating as well. The results will be posted online and sent to

For data collection purposes, I'd appreciate recieving responses by
January 1, 2007.
Questions, comments, etc? Email me at
Professional Credentials: I recieved my Master's in Library Science from
Syracuse University 1991, and am currently employed as an Instructor
Librarian at Drew University.
(Please feel free to omit any questions you feel are too personal!)
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This morning I read a short article in a discarded Utne (which I had brought home from the library) about someone who answered his phone at 11:30 pm to hear a 12 year old ask him, "Why do you do what you do?" And how difficult it was for him to figure out what to say... suggesting that we should all figure out the answer for ourselves.

Today and yesterday I taught 3 groups of English 2 students a little about making their Internet searching better.

This afternoon I read "What Teachers Make". (Thanks, Liam)

And then, someone posted that Lifehacker has an article suggesting that people actually talk to librarians .

I do what I do for a living because if all I teach people is "there are librarians and they can sometimes help" I've made their quality of life better. I love to teach people better ways of finding information; I love to teach people ways of sharing information. I get high on the look on the face of someone for whom I've found something they hoped beyond hope existed but couldn't find, on the face of someone who now knows how to do something for him/herself.

And the rest of it? I do it because information wants to be free. Because just because I have resources and time and energy to find things out doesn't mean those answers should be stuck inside my head or my notes. Because I've given up trying to find A teacher, and am looking for people to teach, teaching people to find out and teach. That's what I do; it's why I do what I do. It's because finding something out, finding out how pieces fit together, is an experience that Carl Sandburg and e.e. cummings together couldn't convey the hang-gliding-updraft, world-spread-out-before-you joy of, and not only do I want to keep feeling that way, I want to make other people feel that way.
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I'd never caught mention of this:

TEAMS: The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages
has a set of online texts, with introductory material, up:

a new journal: Scientia Scholae: A Journal for teachers in medieval studies in grades K-12.
It has 4-5 issues online and has some interesting articles and exercises.
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To endorse Google's library initiative is to say "it's OK to break into my house because you're going to clean my kitchen," said Sally Morris, chief executive of the U.K.-based Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. "Just because you do something that's not harmful or (is) beneficial doesn't make it legal."
-- Jesdanun, Anick. "Google book project: Digital-age test of copyright law,"USA Today 9/18/2005

Uh? Ms. Morris? I'm not sure everyone follows your analogy...


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